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02/09/2003 - MadWicked...

The talented guys over at have just released a bigger and better version of their site. Whats more you can even change the layout to suit that old wallpaper you have up in your loft. Theres a spoono flavour for everyone. With its slick new design,excellent new content and ultra fast loading pages, theres something for everyone. [link]

Posted by Robouk
24/06/2003 - Skinit!.

Friends over at have just released a new version of the every growing community site. Be sure to check it out, you'll also find an interview with yours truely there. [link]

Posted by Robouk
09/06/2003 - Tutorials..

Hey all, I know there are currently a few problems with the tutorial pages, and I think I have now found the cause of the problem so hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thanks.

Posted by Robouk
03/06/2003 - Wierd...

Hey all, It seems for no aparent reason a few mySQL errors are showing around the site, as far as I can see the site i still functions ok so for now just ignore them, I will try to sort them out sometime soon. Thanks.

Posted by Robouk
20/05/2003 - News Update.

Hey all, its been a while but I am here with some news. Firstly, the site was featured in the June edition of "Photoshop User magazine" you can see a picture here: [link] Big thanks to them. Big thanks to them. Some of you may also know I am working on my 2nd Winamp 3 Skin of which you can get an early preview of here: [link] Lastly, there seems to be problems with the tutorial pages not loading or loading very slowly, I believe its a problem with mySQL and I have reported it to the host so it should be fixed soon, bare with us. Thanks all. I will also be working on some new tutorials soon since its been a while so look out for those. Thanks for the patience.

Posted by Robouk
17/04/2003 - Magazine....

Turns out, this site was featured in issue 10 of creative web projects magazine, so thanks to them, check out the pictures: [link] and [link]. Thanks to [link] for sending the pictures.

Posted by Robouk
13/04/2003 - Look Out.

Hey all, Just a quick favour, if anyone out there has issue 10 of practical web projects magazine would you mind flicking through to see if you can see where this site is mentioned and scanning it in. If you do, please email it to me via the contact page. Thanks alot.

Posted by Robouk
28/03/2003 - The Latest..

Just a small news update. If you havn't seen it yet, go and check out Dave of's new design: [link] I think you'll agree its pretty seet looking. On a side note, I am still here with a few plans, right now I am very busy with college projects but new things will come shortly.

Posted by Robouk
18/02/2003 - Well.....

Hey all, A New community site which I helped to develop has just opened with a new forum. Be sure to check it out and feel free to join in the relaxed laid back chat. [link] The rest of the site including articles and tutorials will be released within days so keep an eye out at [link] Thanks.

Posted by Robouk
27/12/2002 - Well....

Hey, Lets me first say hope you had a Merry Xmas and and will enjoy the new year. Theres not been alot happening here recently (you may have noticed) this is because I have been busy with xmas and now college so there wont be a great deal going on here for a while. So, go play with what santa brought you and be sure to visit me again early in the new year =) Thanks for your patience.

Posted by Robouk
27/11/2002 - Where??.

You may have noticed the site has been down alot over the past 4 days, this was a fault out of my control but it seems we are back again now. In other news, D-shock, my winamp 3.0 skin has been released. Be sure to Rate/comment/download it at deskmod: [link] Big thanks to vica: [link] for coding this. =)

Posted by Robouk
14/11/2002 - Tutorials.

The first few christmas tutorials are here for Photoshop®! Check them out here: [link] Enjoy them! =)

Posted by Robouk
02/11/2002 - PHP tutorial.

There is a new PHP tutorial written by a new tutorial writer Booch. Check it out [link]

Posted by Robouk
10/10/2002 - New tutorial!.

After a long while, a new Photoshop® tutorial is here and it is a long one too! Check it out here: [link] Thanks!

Posted by Robouk
20/09/2002 - Skin Update!.

No tutorial updates for a while? how come? Heres why:
If you didn't know (you should have done?!?!?) I have been working away on a Winamp 3 skin called DMP, and the guys over at skinarmory [link] are coding it, and its coming along pretty good so look out for that. And whilst your at it, be sure to pay them a visit: [link]

Posted by Robouk
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