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Thanks for stopping by, this is just some stuff I have made in the past, websites and other images. If you like it, let me know.


Other websites I have made:

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Good Things Indeed!Good Things Indeed!
Good things indeed is a website offering monthly competitions, they wanted a clean and professional design, I enjoyed making this site..... and they were pleased with the results.
Visit This Website..
Robouk ForumRobouk Forum
This design was for a Forum I set up, it did pretty well with nearly 300 members, but it's now closed and changed to neverside.com, the design is no longer in use.
See ScreenshotGo to image of Robouk Forum
This was a personal site I set up, but as was too busy with this site it never really went anywhere, I liked the design of this one.
Visit This Website..Robo.activ3
Cherry's PaintingsCherry's Paintings
This was a paintings site, it was made for my mums art site, I liked making this one although it was some time ago, because its very different.
Visit This Website..Cherry's Paintings
Webdesign siteWebdesign site
This was a site when I once offered free webdesign for fun, I no longer do this and was a long time ago. This site is no longer online...
Webdesign site
EX5 Designers portalEX5 Designers portal
This was made as a portal for people to start off on the internet, I designed it and there was a team of us making it, eventually it got forgot about and we gave up.
See WebsiteEX5 Designers portal
Old Site designOld Site design
This was the design for this site before the current one, I kinda liked it, it was very bright and colourful, eventually I redesigned, which is what your looking at :)
Old Site design
Waterproof casesWaterproof cases
This was the design for a small company selling waterproof cases for things like camera and other things, they wanted something clean and simple.. and were happy with the design. See WebsiteWaterproof cases

Misc images

Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery
Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery

Click each image for more
details, if you like any of my
work, let me know. I appreciate
all your feedback. :)

Thank you ...

Thanks for checking this out, I will try to keep
this section fairly up to date and add more
things as I make them.

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