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PHP Tutorials

Start creating dynamic websites with these PHP tutorials.

Title/Description Skill Level Database Needed
Query Strings
Why do I use those variable URLs? Learn all about them here..
Intermediate No
User login system
Most of us at times need to password protect areas of our site, heres a great way to have a user/login system..
Beginner Yes
File Upload
Learn how to upload files to your site right from your browser..
Beginner No
Random Numbers
Another way to generate random numbers allowing you to create random quotes or links..
Intermediate No
Random Text/Images
This tutorial walks you through how to create a random image appear or some random text..
Beginner No
Email Validation
Want to check a user has entered the correct email into a form? heres how...
Intermediate No
PHP Server
This complete tutorial takes you step by step on how to set up a server environment on your own computer..
Intermediate -NA-
Php Basics
This tutorial demonstrates the basic PHP commands every php'er should know..
Beginner No
Hit Counter
Track those hits with this very simple counter that can count hits or unique visits..
Beginner No
Email Forms
Learn how to email the contents of a form, includes basic flood protection using cookies..
Intermediate No

If you have any questions or requests regarding these tutorials please post in the Forum and,
I'll do my best to answer them. Thank you.

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