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Gradient menu

Gradient menu image 1
Create a new image 600x600 px with a white background. Create a new layer. Using the rectangular marquee draw a horizontal rectangle roughly about the length you want your menu bar to be. Next click the channels tab, create a new channel and fill it in with white. You can now deselect (CTRL+D). Now go to Filter>Blur>Guassion Blur and blur it so that its nice and round. I used a setting of 9.0. Next go to Image>Adjust>Levels Drag the two small triangles to the cent er. You should have a nice smooth menu bar. Click OK. Now Hold CTRL and click on the channel "Alpha 1" to select the bar, click the layers palette create a new layer and fill it with your desired colour, I used R:138 G:92 B:206.
Next go to Layer>Effects>Bevel and emboss, match the settings as follows: Highlight - Mode Screen, Opacity 79, Shadow - Mode Multiply, Opacity 59, Style Inner Bevel, Angle 120, Depth 4, Blur 0. Now hold CTRL and click on "layer 1" to select the shape. Now go to Select>Modify>Contract and enter 2 and click OK. Now Click the channels palette, create a new channel and fill the selection in white, again do Filter>Blur>Guassian Blur. This time enter a setting of 3.0 hit OK. Then again do image adjust levels and bring the two triangles into the middle to get smooth edges.
Gradient menu image 2
Now, hold CTRL and click on "alpha 2" to select it and go back to the layers, Create a new layer. Now using the colour R:101 G:34 B:200 as your foreground colour and black as your background colour, use the GRADIENT tool (foreground to background), drag the gradient from the top of the bar to the bottom. You should get something like what I have opposite.
Gradient menu image 3
Now to create those inset lines, HOLD CTRL and click on layer 2 to select it, Press D then X to reset the colours now using the line tool (make it 1 px in the options tab) create a new layer and draw a horizontal white line from top to bottom (hold shift to make sure it goes Straight). Now set that layer blend mode to "soft light", next create a new layer and this time exactly next to the other line (to the right) draw a black line, it will look something like the pic opposite. Keep doing this (each line on a new layer) so that its equally divided your menu bar up. Then you can add your text.
Gradient menu image 4
Try this, once you add your text set the text layer to blend mode overlay for a nice cool effect. Hope all was well for you! :) You can also go to Edit>Transform>Perspective and add some cool perspective to your circle of dots.

This Tutorial was Brought to you by Robouk, Please post any questions in the forum. Thank you.
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