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Your Own Server - Introduction

An Introduction

In this tutorial you will learn how to step up your own server. This server will be comprised of Apache 1.3.5, PHP 4.2.0, and MySQL® 3.23.49. This tutorial will address the basic setup of a server on your own computer. This means the removal of hassles of dealing with the company that is running a remote web server. It will be easy to modify. You will have unlimited disk space, well at least as big as your hard drive is. =) Now that you know the advantages, it is time that I tell you what I used, and what you will need.

What I used

  • Windows® 2000 - NOTE that if you are using this you WILL NEED Administrative Privileges.
  • Apache 1.3.5 - I tried to use 2.0 but I could not get it work. I also feel that 1.3.5 is tried and true, so why mess with greatness.
  • MySQL® 3.23.49 - The newest version of MySQL® when I set up my server. MySQL® also the is the best PHP supported Database, and well love PHP don't we.
  • PHP 4.2.0 - The latest and greatest PHP release.
What you will need

Once you have downloaded all the programs you are ready to continue.
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This Tutorial was by Adman, Please post any questions in the forum. Thank you.

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